Wednesday, March 30, 2005

2 suitcases each!

We spent all day yesterday packing boxes to mail to California and getting laundry done so we can see what fits in 8 suitcases. Tom keeps asking us if our belongings are going to go into short term storage or long term storage. Huh? Long term means you need to be willing to live without it for a few months until it gets shipped to Russia. Short term means we can take it on the plane with us. On the airplane we can pay extra and take more bags. The train has a limit: no security...but a limit on bags.

My back hurts. The only one to get a full night's sleep was Spencer. The aroma of freshly baked cookies fills the house. Mom has been baking this morning! She is making a package for each one of us to take on the train. The kids are excited. Her cookies will be much better than what they sell aboard the train!

I found a good website for yarn and knitting resources in Russia while surfing the web last night. I started learning those words. If you say some of them in English it sounds like you are swearing! Tom and Nathan think this is hilarious....

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