Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Train Ride

Well, hmmmm. Where do I start. Should I talk about the drunk guy, or the cute litte girl, the other knitters, the foul mouth gang or the pink sweat suit family? Let's just say taking the train exposes you to a plethora of Americana.

Nathan could not sleep. Poor guy. He tried so hard. Tom on the other hand went to sleep right away. The woman behind him said very loudly "one snorer got off and another got on!" Oh well. Deal with it. We heard your kids whine and didn't loud talk you. Oh. I typed that and didn't just think it.

It was hard to say goodbye in New Mexico. Everyone is talking about how much they are going to miss Tadah and Pop Pop. We had such a good visit with them. The boys are wondering when they will see them again. I think Pop Pop is going to want to lose the 10 lbs. he put on with us there before we turn around and come back!!

Orange County is so magnificent! The ocean waves are lapping against the shore and we can see the shore line all along the coast as we ride into San Clemente. Lord, it is good to feel at home again.

But where are Christine and Raul....

Did Tom tell them San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano? They went to San Juan Capistrano, Tom had to call them and then they came to San Clemente.

The excitement never stops! And we are 3 weeks away from Russia....

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