Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Visa Drama

Today started off innocent enough. My Aunt Martha called to say that we needed to fax our HIV results to Texas in order to process our Visas for Russia. I passed on the message to Tom and then had a nice conversation with Auntie Martha.

Well, afterward the drama unfolded....

Tom looked through our medical file and found everyone's test except for Spencer's. I called the doctor's office to have another copy faxed to us. Told the nurse my story and she took the message and was going to have the doctor call me back.

After waiting a decent amount of time I call the Lab to see if I can get the results any faster. I find out that there is a confidential seal on the results and I have no access. He's 14!!!! So a 14 year old can get an HIV test an only the doctor can get the results to give to the patients? He can't even drive to get himself to the test! Aaaaah!

I call the doctor's office back and guess what... she's on vacation!!!! You have got to be kidding me... and the nurse did not bother to tell me this 3 hours ago when I called?

Anyway, when they finally find Spencer's chart (it was with another doctor) there is no copy of the test. We have to wait up to a week now for his results.

Who knows when we will get the Visas done now. It's in Gods hands. I can tell that I'm being prayed for when I don't go psycho on the nurse or the customer service agent I spoke to today.

Thank's God for keeping me in check. :)

Tomorrow we get on the train!

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