Tuesday, April 05, 2005

138 Boxes

Our life fits into 138 boxes and 8 suitcases.

Imagine going from a 2013 square foot home with five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to 138 boxes and 8 suitcases. Tom, Spencer and a guy he hired named Max loaded and unloaded the boxes from the storage facility to the shipping company. They went from Tustin to Glendale... passing a highspeed chase a long the way. Bella, from the shipping company says that our belongings should make it there in two months. Other people told us 4-6 months. It is all part of the adventure. Our things are going to LA,the Ukraine, Moscow and then by truck down to Krasnodar. We pray that everything makes it in good condition. We have 15 days before we get on the plane and everything is falling into place.

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