Tuesday, April 19, 2005


If it's not one thing it's another. We celebrate getting Spencer's test results and the next day the Russian consulate informs us that all of us must retake the HIV test because our results are more than six months old. AAAAAH!

So we rushed out to take new tests.... going to a different lab of course! The technician was overwhelmed at having to do the billing on four patients who needed a rush job. Tom prayed with him and then he got right to work on all of us.

We picked up the dogs with out a problem. We stopped by my friend Sadie's house to get our computer first. It was hard to say good bye again!

The dogs were so happy to see us. Domo is up to 44 lbs. He is bigger than Brownie now. They are both calm and did great getting the micro chips in. Now when they are scanned an ID number comes up individual to each of them. It's a global tracking number in case they get lost.

I don't want to ask what else can go wrong.... just stay tuned! As of today we leave on Tuesday, April 26th, if anything changes I will rant about it :)

By the way we have to catch our flight in Seattle! So it's LA, Seattle, Moscow to Krasnodar!


  1. hey Alida, all sounds well. very exciting, you're handling it well and I have a burning question??? HOW'S YOUR LOCKS?????

  2. Hi blackpurls, thanks for stopping by blackpurl!!! your site is lovely !
    have a great day, happy knitting !!!!