Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bi-lingual Shoppers

Kor-eetsa; cinnamon is a wonderful spice. I deeply enjoy the smell of it. I was telling Ella about needing cinnamon but not being able to find it here. She said it was right near where I found the baking soda… turns out she was right. I had her spell the word for me. Once you know the Russian word for an item and how it is packaged you are good to go! The Russian language is so beautiful and most people here are willing to help you once you overcome your fear of sounding dumb and just get started. There are many online resources to help with translation and with just looking up words.

Click here to see one of our favorites. It has come in handy sometimes when watching a movie or reading a magazine!

Nathan went to market by himself to pick up some drinks and food for dinner. He was asked what languages he spoke other than Russian. What a thrill for him. He had only spoken Russian with them up until that point. He showed me one of his stories today. His writing is so creative & inspirational. I can hardly wait for the day when I get an autographed copy of his first novel!

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