Monday, June 06, 2005


Дни Недели
Days of the Week

Понедельник.... Monday........ pah nee Del nik

Вторник............ Tuesday..... ...v Tor nik

Среда................ Wednesday ...sree Dah

Чеверг .............Thursday .......chet Vairg

Пятница.......... Friday............. piAht neet sah

Суббота............Saturday......... su BOAT ah

Воскресенье.... Sunday........... vos kres SENyah

This is a copy of the chart I made for Spencer. He is doing excellent in his Russian studies. Lena told him he was a good student today. I was telling Lena that I have to type very slowly in Russian. She said that is what she does when she has to type in English. I took a typing class so I type in English fairly quickly. But, in Russian it is hunt and peck! During our lesson Nathan kept asking for ice cream. I told him if he could ask for it in Russian I would pay for it. I suggested he ask Lena how to say it. He wanted it badly enough so he did. He even wrote it down in his notebook so he could learn it and ask again! I treated everyone to ice cream. Nathan asked me for “sto rubleh”. I am learning how much things cost here and I don’t fall for that anymore! Sto ruble is 100 rubles. I gave him 60. They were about 4-8 rubles a piece. And he was buying 4. So all he really needed was 30. Right now that comes to just over a dollar for everyone’s ice cream! Mine was Kiwi flavored. Lena’s was vanilla covered with white chocolate and had sesame seeds in it. Spencer had strawberry and Nathan got a Popsicle that was multi-flavored.

After the lesson Spencer and went shopping for a popka (file folder). It was exciting to have learned the word and then use it. We were able to say how many clear plastic pages we wanted inside....30 of course! That's as high as we can count. Spencer was thrilled to find mechanical pencils. In the five weeks we have been here that was the first time we had seen them. We were shopping from little stalls along the street. You never know what you will find. It's like a treasure hunt! To purchase a binder, plastic sheet protectors and 3 mechanical pencils was all less than a dollar. Not bad for a half mile hike!

We watched "White Chicks" with Jody and Melanie. It was good to laugh with them. When traveling or living abroad you seem to collect stories. Sometimes there are so many it is hard to fit them all in. Tom told us about being on the bus today and there was a fire. So his language helper Alexei M. got him off the bus in a hurry. Tom was confused however because he could not smell any smoke or feel the heat. When he got off the bus he saw the fire engines and there was a house on fire...not the bus. Tom said all the fireman he saw were smoking cigarettes! hmmmm...what is wrong with that picture? He and Alexei had to wait for the next bus to come by to finish their trip to the post office. Melanie reminded me that when she and I went shopping last week there were two different women who touched MY boobs to explain how the swim suit would fit on Melanie! She thought it was funny because I didn't bat an eye when I was touched. I understood what they were doing; I didn't think they were feeling me up! They were explaining the bra inside the suit. Jody told us about a time when he was trying on jeans. There was a tea pot inside the room with him. It was boiling and he stuck his head out to say "your chai is ready" he did not have the jeans buttoned up all the way and they did not fit quite right. Can you imagine? Then they wanted him to show off the jeans!

We all agreed on how much we love this country! Where else can you can be felt up by old Russian ladies on the trolley bus (Tom; this little old Orthodox babushka was reaching for the bar to hold on to and her hand went inside his shirt!) or while you are out shopping with a friend ...... oh sorry, I was reminisicing!

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