Monday, June 20, 2005

The Day After!

15 words..... as I sat in church yesterday I was able to pick out 15 new words. I showed my list to Lena today. She was very pleased. We worked on telling time during our lesson. Nathan says that now he has learned to tell time in four different languages. He has learned in English, Spanish, Sign Language and now Russian. He did not last long during the lesson today. He was all partied out! He started yawning and could not keep his eyes open... he excused himself and Lena got him to say in Russian he was going to sleep. Spencer had a light bulb moment during the lesson. He was asked the number 100. At first he answered 'shto' then he corrected himself and said "sto!" We were all so excited for him. He realized the difference. Shto is the word 'what'. Sto is the number '100'.

Tom and I watched "Les Triplettes de Belville" tonight. It is a cartoon but not really meant for young kids. It is about the French mafia and it's a social commentary. Our language choices were either French or Russian. It was supposed to offer English also but no such luck! Sometimes that happens.... a movie will say that English but when we play it.....nope! We choose Russian. Neither one of us knows much French.

You can order a copy here Just make sure that you follow parental guidelines. It helps us to learn language when we watch in Russian and it gives us a chance to hear English when we can have that option! "De-Lovely" is excellent if you get a chance to watch that one as well!

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