Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Day Of Rest?

Madagscar! We give the movie 6 thumbs up. After church we went over to City Center with Lena and Alexei P. We were hoping to see Star Wars but it was not showing. So we went to see Madagascar instead. The movie was in Russian but there is enough physical comedy in the movie to understand the context of what was going on. I think we laughed harder than some of the kids in the theatre. We noticed a few differences in going to the Russian movies;

1. when you purchase a ticket you are assigned a seat.
2. the theatre is very clean & everyone cleans up after themselves.
3. there is no warning to turn off cell phones so they will be used to make or receive calls during the movie!
4. we saw a commercial for a TV channel and one movie preview and then the movie started.
5. they don’t put butter on the popcorn and it is already pre-salted. There was a choice of caramel, regular and cinnamon.
6. they sold draft beer!

I am grateful Lena taught us the word for paper. She and I went to the bathroom together as women do. The stall I was in was out of paper… Lena makes me speak Russian as much as possible and I was able to say “Lena! Nyet, boomahgah!” She corrected my grammer like a good teacher. I should have said “boomahgee” because I needed more than one piece! However, she gave me lots of toilet paper to help me out like the good friend she is as well!! OY!

Tom has been saving plastic bottle caps to make a mosaic. He’s lived in California so long he has to recycle. Lena was teaching the kids in Sunday school today and she mentioned it to them. One of the boys went right to work and brought Tom several plastic bottle caps right after church. We ate lunch at city Center and had snacks at the movie and picked up a few more caps along the way home so for today we brought home 44 plastic bottle caps!

Everyone is wiped out now. We have been thinking and speaking in Russian all day long. It is only 9pm and we have all gone to separate rooms. No one wants to think or talk any more!


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I have seen your photos and they are beautiful, crisp and clear. Your explanation and humor is great! I am glad I saw your post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!