Sunday, June 12, 2005

First Crate arrives!

Nathan was invited to spend the day with friends down on Krasnaya street. Tom and I went to Visheevoy Renoc to shop and Spencer stayed home because I thought he needed the rest. Shortly after Tom and I arrived at the renoc my phone rang. Spencer said that someone called and they spoke so fast that all he understood was American, boxes and Language School. He thought we should go right away. I told him I would let his dad know. Tom and I decided that some packages must have arrived from the States and we would just go get them tomorrow. We kept on shopping. Spencer called again. Then Maj-lis called Spencer. Spencer called us again. We found out through further translation that one of our crates had arrived! We decided to hail a taxi and get over there quick. Alexei M. is the security gaurd over there and we found him keeping watch over our boxes. Tom had me jump out of the taxi because we were going to hold it and just make several trips. He asked me to see how many boxes there were. I looked and said about 30. Alexei yelled out "treat- sit-semb" I called back to Tom "Alexei says 37!" right then the taxi dirver is shaking his head no! Tom hops out and we let him go. We try calling Ervand. He is at the Black Sea on holiday. It is Russian Independence Day. We decide to hire a truck. 30 minutes later our belongings are on their way to our apartment!

It feels like Christmas in June...


  1. Its that the best when you're so far from that which is familiar? so brave to take on russian. I can't manage to speak german without spitting on someone.

  2. I hope you carry tissue with you! It's always a crap shoot as to whether I get laughed at or yelled at when I go out to shop!