Sunday, June 19, 2005

I cleaned, I greeted, I left!

Only invited guests were allowed at the party. Tom, Spencer and I were not invited! We made sure everything was in order, left money for pizza, and took off. Nathan and his friends had a great time watching Fat Albert, singing songs, reading, and eating all the food they could find! It was raining when the girls arrived... so they all wanted to wash their feet. It was pretty loud with all of them in the bathroom at once! We are so glad that Nathan is making friends.... most of the guys his age are away in the military. The guys he invited were a lot older. They were not able to make it. Maybe God was giving Nathan a gift!


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I love reading your blog. I'm living vicariously through your travels, wishing I could do something so adventurous with my family. The party looked fun and I loved the pencil salad. Can you post pics of Russian Foods one day? DH's family is from Lithuania and parts are Russian now and similar. Very nice blog! Sounds like you all just fit right in. How long did it take you to decide to go and then go? Was it hard to find an apartment? Expensive?

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    One more note, I had no idea you had Fibromyalgia. I do as well. How do you keep so active? God is good, isn't he? I added your prayer requests to mine and said them aloud as I read through them. I don't pray as often as I should, but do make it daily as I like to keep the channel open so to speak. Would love to chat with you. You can PM me through the I would like to contribute, but I'm leery of not using Paypal because I didn't know the company that you use, but also have skills and some time I could donate as well.


  3. Hey Dyna! Thanks for coming over here... I will send you a PM on the Hang Out! I should have taken pictures when we had dinner with the Parkhomeko's. Did you go through the archives? I do have some photos of food. The next time we eat at someones home that serves us a traditional meal I promise to photograph it! My fibromyalgia is doing well here. There are no preservatives in the food and that helps a lot. The change in the barometric pressure is something I can feel though and on those days I'm a bit achy but other than that I feel great. The daily walks help!

  4. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Wow. HOT.