Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kids Club Day!

Spencer was invited to the Kids Club today. The group ranges in age from 12-15. Spencer was the oldest boy. We heard that sometimes it is all boys. He was at least willing to try it out. We learned some new words and phrases along the way. It was fun to listen to the kids talk. Some of the kids speak multiple languages and they freely switch back and forth between them all.

When I was with the women they were telling me some of the Russian words that sound like other words if you don't put the accent in the right place. If you don't say the word for tray correctly you will be saying the word "diarrhea" and if you don't say the word for writing correctly you will be saying the word "to pee". Sonya told me that Klaus was going to talk about painting with a brush. But, instead of the word for brush he used the word for cat. Fransi said that you could only paint with a cat if he was a very patient cat! Sonya also told about a time she heard someone talking about courage but it sounded like they were using the word "to skin" so it was pretty scary to be hearing about skinning someone in church!

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