Friday, June 17, 2005

One Year Later!

Good food, good friends and a good dictionary! Tonight we had dinner with Alexei and Lena. One year ago we had dinner with them and needed an interpreter. Tonight there was “nyet problem!” We had a good dictionary instead. They are studying English and we are studying Russian; so the four of us make a great team! We teach each other new words. We are very patient and spell the words or actually write them out for each other. Lena made ‘bliny” for dinner. Russian pancakes. She had sour cream, honey and caramel sauce for toppings. It was sooo good. I took over a carton of Strawberry milk. They had never tasted it before. I think Lena liked it! Tom brought over some of his ties for Alexei. It was a riot watching Tom and Alexei tie them. I have a short video I wish could be posted. Lena was asking me what I am going to be doing in Rome. I told her about Erin singing opera and my watching Rhianna. She translated for Alexei. While I’m in Rome the remont (repairs) on our new apartment are going to take place. Alexei started making up an opera about home repair. Tom joined in and they were off in their own world for a while! They gave us a copy of the Lord of the Rings in Russian and the Jesus Film. Lena knows that I watch movies with the boys in Russian sometimes and pick out as many words as we can and look them up.

I got two text messages from Nathan during the evening and then a phone call. He is planning a party for Sunday after church. So far all the guests are female! He has a guys phone number and he will "try" to get some guys to come over too! He is planning videos and pizza. They will probably watch movies in Russian. Nathan said he is doing better recognizing words when people are speaking. He is keeping his notebook with him and studies often. Tonight he walked home with our pastor, Valodia. He said he felt "very safe" with him. There is no one safer to walk with in the dark than a former military General!

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