Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Oy, what a day!

Tom is going to find the post office. The Sharp family joke is that going to the post office means you are going out for ice cream… BUT, Tom is really going to find the post office. There is a Baskin Robbins down on Krasnaya; hopefully that is not near the post office!

How do I describe the rest of the days events?

1. There was a little babushka on the tram-vi going for the same seat as me. But I didn't see her. We collided. I helped her into the seat. This teenager started laughing and I shot him a NASTY look. He sat up board straight and stopped laughing immediately. That made me hold back a laugh. That poor little old lady was about the size of Tom's grandmother Sharp. She could have blown over in the wind. I thought I broke her! She was running forward with her hands on her head holding down her hair pins!

2. We saw a young boy riding on his bike up the street. He rode right in front of this young lady and skidded to a stop... then he reached out and smacked her on the forehead! She turned to her friend and said "et moi brat" (That is my brother!) Spencer said "of course that was her little brother; who else would do such a thing?!"

3. Found out that someone on Nathan's message board thinks I'm hot.
(Homestar Runner Voice) "Ew gwoss, she's old enough to be your muddah!"

4. The finale: this actually happened first....

We saw our first cross dresser in Russia! He was wearing a bright red see through blouse with roses embroidered on it. It was knee length.... with mauve colored slacks and sandals. He also had a big flashy orange ring on his pinky. Spencer was being a gentleman like his dad taught him and got up to offer him/her the seat and when he realized this was a man he pretended to tie his shoe and sat back down! The older people on the bus were not making eye contact with him and the younger ones were whispering. It was interesting to say the least. I had my camera but thought it best not to document this event!

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