Friday, June 03, 2005


When you combine Spanish and English you get Spanglish. When you combine Russian and English you get Rusglish. Our assignment is to listen and write down words. As we go around the city I have heard younger Russians speaking a combination of English and Russian. I do it to. I think it happens when you are learning one of the languages. The typical thing that I mix is the English word “oh” with the Russian word “Dah” (yes). The other day I was out and heard someone else do it. If you had heard the context it was clear that is what the person had done! Today during our language lesson with Lena; Spencer was writing out his words. He kept mixing Russian and English letters. It was funny because he did not realize what he had done. I kept saying you need to change that letter to a P. He kept saying that is a P. I kept saying “no a Russian P not an English P that is an R. Tom and I told Lena that is Rusglish!

Guess what she said… “Oh!..Dah!”

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