Monday, June 27, 2005

Russian word list

Each one of us has a notebook filled with our vocabulary list. I keep a list of words that I hear each day. I listen to people speak at church, the market, on the tram-vi or trolleybus and I write the words down. Yesterday, Tom and I stopped off at Scrooges next door to get a baked chicken and drinks for dinner. There is a young man in there who is learning to speak English. He likes to practice with us! We kept speaking in Russian while he spoke to us in English. The ladies in there are having fun teaching us new Russian words. I learned how to say 'milk chocolate'. I was looking for chocolate to bake with. I said the word for milk and the word for chocolate and she realized what I needed "molochnee schockolade". I guess that means another batch of blonde brownies for the guys and a new word for my list!

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