Saturday, June 18, 2005

Say What?

Tom was wearing a shirt he found in our boxes that just arrived from California. The shirt had Palm trees all over it. It was one of his favorites. As I was looking at him in it and thinking about him going to his meeting I heard myself say "do you want me to iron that for you?" I almost looked around to see who said it! I don't iron my own clothes. Since we have been here Ella has ironed for us and in California Tom's shirts went to the dry cleaners. Well, he was not about to pass up the offer. So he took off the shirt and I set up the ironing board. I know how to iron. I know how to do a lot of domestic tricks. I just don't always like to! Spencer walked in while I was ironing; he wanted me to put extra starch in the arms so Tom would have to walk with his arms straight out! I decided to continue being nice. No starch tonight!

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