Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Simple talk

Everything! What a simple word. In English when we are at the end of a purchase the clerk might say “is there anything else I can get for you?” Or the ever popular “want some fries with that?” Here it is a simple word… “fso?” which literally translated means “Everything?” You will hear it at the end of a purchase, a lesson or even at the end of church if the worship leader is not certain. Ella (our housekeeper) asked me today how to say ‘change clothes’ in English. She said in Russian it is just one word. I replied “perhaps, we English speakers talk too much!” She smiled without giving away her feelings!

Tom is going to the Post Office again today. Maybe we will see him in time for dinner! He only has one package so hopefully it won’t take all day. He is also going to pick up a package from the states that has arrived for us. The boys have been praying that it is from Pop Pop and Tadah! They really want the voltage converters badddd! Spencer was trying to add up all the hours of video game time he should have coming to him since he has not played since we left Christine and Raul’s house. I don’t think that is going to fly with his Dad and I am certainly not buying it!

I had to make a call to the states to make sure some funds were transferred correctly for us to purchase the apartment. When I was being read back my account number I answered her in Russian. She laughed and said “that’s ok, I’m not from this county either!” Here I have answered people in English or Spanish. Nathan does it too. One of these days it will all come together. When I get to Rome I can’t wait to try out my Russian!

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