Thursday, June 02, 2005


Reebok! Is the word for Fisherman. The man selling fishing equipment at the renoc greeted us today in French. We cannot quite figure out how people determine where they think we are from. Nathan needed fishing gear because he has been invited to go on a fishing trip that is being arranged for Monday with Lena's brother; Slavic. He wanted to have equipment like Raul's. He found everything he needed and then he walked home by himself to be home in time for his art lesson.

Tom, Spencer and me went on walking through the renoc and found other treasures. We found a yarn store that also had beads! Tom found some goodies and I bought some yarn that looks like camoflage. Spencer wants me to make a lanyard to hold his cell phone!

I had to go over to the language school to send a fax regarding my plane ticket today. I had to go over there yesterday too. We saw the same guy both days. He was lighting a cigarette and walking towards us. He greeted us the same way both days.... "Allo, es-shh-ah" I thought at first he was saying 'hello lady'. Later we were walking past a sign that had the intials for USA. The sounds the guy made were the sounds for those letters. He was saying "hello USA!" Tom says to let him know the United States of America says "Hi!"

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