Saturday, June 11, 2005

Time on our hands

Tom spent two hours signing papers with the realtor, one hour with Heather to open an account at the bank and three hours shopping with me deciding how to remodel!

We have almost purchased an apartment.

The babushka that we are buying from has all the documents in order so she is wanting a fast sale. It should be done by the end of the month! We are not purchasing the apartment that I posted about earlier. That one did not really have the space I wanted. It is important for Nathan and Spencer to have their own rooms right now. Everyone's sanity is at stake!

At the bank today there was a man who was highly upset that there was only one window open. He went over to where two people in the back were visible and yelled at them to come up front and work. Someone came out for a bit to answer questions and then left...

It is fun understanding what is going on around us. To hear this guy ranting about having to work hard all week and then stand in line at the bank all day on Saturday was great. It was really funny though when he could not get his friend to leave with him!

After spending the day in the heat out shopping we went out for lunch and then found some videos to bring home. Tom and the boys are watching Monty Python right now. Nathan spent the morning on the internet searching for the code to make our DVD player play our videos from the U.S. He was successful! So now we can play videos from all regions and not just the ones we bought here.

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