Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You too can speak Russian

Try saying Tide, Clearasil, Palmolive or any other name brand you can think of with a Russian accent. If you can do that you are speaking Russian! Some things do not translate. Those are the times when I can purchase a product without any problems. Today was my first time ordering water without a panic. Nathan and I went to a restaurant kind of like (not really) McDonalds. Everything was spelled like the English words but phonectically in Russian.

гемьегр= ham bug r

It was like that for cheeseburger and so on! I have picked up the habit of reading the dictionary before I go to bed. So when I was asked if I wanted my Aqua Minerale with or without gas I was able to answer 'bez gasa' ....without gas! I don't like the taste of carbonated water. None of us do. So knowing how to ask for still water is vital. Well, maybe it's not vital.... but, it's what we prefer.

Nathan and I went to a bookstore in the building on the floor below the restaurant. I finally found a medical reference book that has 12,000 prescription names in Russian. Tom has wanted one so we will know what to ask for when we go to the pharmacy. No prescription is needed here. Just walk in and ask for what you need.

I almost got run over on the way to the tram-vi stop. There were three kids who were riding their skate boards down the hill. One of them came up on the sidewalk to avoid being hit by a car. An older woman (maybe his mom?) saw me jump off the sidewalk to avoid being hit. I heard the word for 'watch' and 'tourist'. I told Nathan she said "watch out!, you about killed that tourist!" The boy ran back out to the road and just looked at me and Nathan. Then he re-joined his friends. I know there were some crazy boys in Southern California who used to do the same thing!

Nathan gave up his seat on the tram-vi for this old Orthodox babushka (the orthodox ones keep their heads covered) . She trudged slowly onto the tram-vi like she had been walking for over a hundred years. And painstakingly let out the word "spa-ceeeee-bah!" to Nathan. She rode for two stops and got off. I hope she made it home. She had to cross the tundra in the nice spring weather we were having today!


  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    No prescription is needed here. Just walk in and ask for what you need.

    Psst. Think you could send me some oxycontin? Thanks.

  2. I don't think that would be wise!

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Your comments and tours are so funny