Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Банная комната

My bathroom has no walls at all! This week walls, tile and doors are coming... so they say! Tom and I went on a shopping spree with Ervand to purchase some of the needed supplies for the bathroom. We picked up a toilet, bathtub, sink and doors. We also purchased two small air conditioners and are supposed to get a split system tomorrow. Erin and I had one in the apartment in Italy (a one bedroom) it kept the whole place fairly cool. We purchased timers for the smaller units one of which is going in the kitchen and the other in Spencer's room...opposite sides of the apartment.

More boxes are here from the States and there is construction going on upstairs. We are basically using one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. Spencer is sleeping with us in the bedroom with his dog in her kennel. Nathan is in the living room with his dog in his kennel. We can stay here until next week then we must go to another temporary home for about a week and then we hope to be in our new apartment. The guy who owns the construction company said the Bible promises us "persecutions" We did not laugh. The general contractor is trying to push everyone to get the job done faster but this "is not the Russian way" they don't like to use power tools. They prefer the old fashioned way. The sander kicks up too much dust... the gloves are hard to work in... the men have their own way to do everything and they do not want to hear about a new way or a different way.

Nathan and Spencer went to go see The Fantastic Four today. Nathan thought it was over too quickly but he liked the special effects. Spencer liked the Thing. They saw it in Russian when the DVD comes out we will see it in English. But today they went with Jody. He took them and another young man who just arrived from the States. Jody is a big comic book buff. He has a huge collection that he had to leave behind. It seems that everyone makes sacrifices to be here. Some of us gave up all kinds of treasures.... I'm sorry, I was thinking of all the Black Barbie dolls waiting for me in Kansas!

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