Saturday, July 02, 2005

Erin & Rhianna arrive!

The girls are all together now! We cause quite a stir when we go out. I thought that Russian people love babies. You should see Italians... everyone wants to touch her, talk to her & make faces at her... it's a scream. "Ciao, bella" is heard from almost everyone we come across. Today at lunch the restaurant owner brought pillows for Rhianna to lay down on the table. And then gave us a fan to cool her off. We were allowed to stay in the place until she finished her nap... all the customers in the joint came over to talk with us. One woman even sat down beside me and spoke passionately to Erin. She is fluent in Italian. A poster for the Opera she is in was up in the restuarant. The gal who sat down to talk with Erin was not happy that they don't give discounts to seniors! Not that Erin can control that!

I was given some beans by the owner for me to plant we I get home. They are the beans used to make Italian soup. They are called Borlotti. One of her recipes, in fact the dish I had for lunch was featured in Bon Appetit. When I get to post my pictures I will show the dish... of course I took a picture of the food; it was gorgeous and tasted as good as it looked. I had Tortelloni Ricotta Spinaci. Maria Theresa is one of the best cooks I have ever enjoyed! She asked me if I understood her; I told her I understood a little. She wanted to know what languages I spoke. I told her Russian and English. She told me she speaks only Roman not Italian! I had to ask Erin later what the difference was. Roman is almost the same as Italian just some of the words are pronounced differently!

We went to the chapel that holds the wood that is supposedly from Jesus manger. It was incredible inside! Is the wood really from the manger.... I don't know but there were many faithful people inside praying in front of the wood. I couldn't help praying there myself!

There is so much to see here and to do each day. It is almost too much for the senses. But, you cannot turn off Rome and make it go away. Another day we will go to St. Peter in Chains Church. Erin has not been there. Peter's chains from when he and Paul were in prison are there. I hope I can handle that sight!

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