Friday, July 08, 2005

The Flat is FLAT OUT GONE!!!!!!!!!

Ervand & Tonya & I met with a Pastor from 'Befany' church Friday morning. Pastor Gennady is retired militsia (police) with a huge heart for addicts & alcoholics. He also is very limited in the resources and programs to offer hurting people. His nephew is the contractor who is doing the remont on our flat. They offer 3 church services for recovering people, publish a recovery-oriented newspaper, have a hospital in Krasnodar with 1,000 addicts & alcoholics, a local rehab center with no program, & want to build more rehab centers in other cities. The main problem is lack of knowledge & experience. Pastor Gennady was ready for us to team up together right away!! I will go with him to the hospital next Wednesday when he goes to preach.
After the great meeting, we went to the flat to check on the progress. We were all in for a very big shock. Words can't really describe what we found, so I'll let the photos explain what we saw:

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