Friday, July 01, 2005

Fountain De Trevi

Water... brings out the best in people. I found a cooler place to hang out today. The Trevi Fountain is enormous, gorgeous and fabulous! And any other "ous" word you can think of! I watched little kids playing nearby, the nuns giggling as they photographed each other and couples snuggling up to one another while they got the picture taken too! It was fun to just sit there with my camera and take in the scene. A TV station showed up and I captured them as well. The camera man patiently listened to his producer and went for each shot as he was told. I was happy to have the freedom to sit back and just zoom in to whatever I wanted! The police seemed to enjoy harrassing whomever they chose. It seemed random.

I walked around after a while to explore more of the city. My vacation was short lived.... my job starts as soon as Erin picks me up! I came here to work. 6 days a week for 12 hours a day for the next two weeks I will be with a 6 month old baby! Erin has a job in an Opera and I am here to help. It will be too hot to spend long days out in the sun with a baby. And believe me it is HOT here!

Yesterday, I watched a western on TV with Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda and Shirley Jones.... I didn't know they could speak Italian! I thought cowboys spoke AMERICAN!

I purchased a painting today for our new apartment. A small one that I think Tom will love. I know how much he misses all the art pieces we left behind. The gal at the art shop was so sweet. She was very careful in wrapping it up for me. Then she had to apologize because her credit card machine was not working. SO, I had to walk to a bank to get cash. I met up with a very tall young blonde from Wisconsin. She escorted me to the bankomat! She may have been almost as tall as my oldest brother; and he is 6 feet 4 inches tall. She told me she plays basketball for the University of Wisconsin. She said it would just be easier for her to show me where the ATM was than to explain it to me. She was right... I could not have gotten there on my own! She dashed away before I could ask her what she was doing in Rome. I wish her the best; maybe I will see her on TV someday.... surely the WNBA is calling her name!

When in doubt follow the signs to McDonalds! I was trying to understand the small map I was using but I got the streets wrong. Or the direction... I am not sure. Then I saw a sign for McDonalds. I remember from a marketing class in college that McDonalds always tries to locate themselves near the busiest intersections. I thought if I just follow their signs I will find my way to the subway! It worked... it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why McDonalds wants to be where the people are!

My guys are without hot water! Our section of Krasnodar is doing repairs. Tom said they are having to heat water on the stove to do the dishes. And they are eating leftovers for meals.

Even babies like to hear their own language!
"ello, ew walkin abow yersel now?!" said the Irish lady to a little toddler.
The baby stared at her blankly.
"ello, ew walkin abow yersel now?!" she repeated.
Finally, after a long cold stare the baby turnd and walked away.

I think the translation for the Irish lady's words is:
"Hello, you walking about yourself now?"
Did you get it right?

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