Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I wish I were home?

I just got off the phone with Tom. Erin and I were eating lunch at a Chinese Restaurant next door to the internet cafe. I know Spencer will get a kick out of that. I ate Chinese food in Italy and the people in there spoke Italian perfectly it was creepy!

Anyway, Tom said I needed to go read my email and check my blog.... So I finished my food, gave Erin money for my part of the bill and dashed over here to check it all out. I am not wishing I was home that's for sure!!!! I knew Tom would want that tile! I have know him long enough to figure that one out. He didn't tell me on the phone about the fall. I read that in his email! Oh well. At least he is alright.

Tom is going to need a vacation by the time I get home. There is so much work to be done and we are not able to talk about everything though the time difference between the two countries is only two hours the telephone lines do not always work. I tried to call him last night and could not get through and he said he tried to call me as well!

The internet has been the most reliable connection between us all! I was excited to see what he had posted! I had to wait for almost ten minutes for a computer to become available for use here at the cafe... and now I have to get back to work! Erin has a rehearsal in 20 minutes... Ciao!

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