Thursday, July 21, 2005

Judy, Melanie, Museum, Remodel, Domo....

At ten this morning I went out to meet Melanie and Judy. We were trying to find a pottery shop that Melanie had seen while she was in a taxi one day. We did not manage to find the store... that's ok. We did find a park where the artists hang out and Judy found a painting for her living room. Judy is new here in town. She and her family had dinner at my house while I was gone. They will be in language school with us. Her oldest son may join the class with the boys and I. His name is Alexander and he is almost 12. He is a homeschooler and I am sure he is very bright. I can hardly wait to meet him! Melanie had seen a couch that is lime green in color at Krasnaya Ploshad when she took Judy shopping. She told Judy that I would love that couch because I bought a leather jacket that color. I showed up today all decked out in lime green. Shirt, skirt and shoes! Judy's comment was "so you really do love that color!" She needs to talk to Erin... I wore lime green every day for three weeks in Rome. I think I only missed one day. But, that is because I dressed the baby in lime green that day. I didn't want us to stand out too much!

Tom had to go over to the apartment today. There was a problem with where Nathan's door should go. And a problem with how low the ceilings should be. And.... well you get the idea! We do have some framing done and there is some progress being made. Which is good. Our contractor interviewed 7 people before he found one tile guy who was willing to work on Saturday and Sunday. That should help get the job done sooner. We aren't desperate or anything. We have just been without our own home since January when we closed escrow on the house in Costa Mesa! We would like to settle down.

Tom and I met his friend Valera and Valera's daughter Kate at the museum today. Kate speaks Russian, English and Modern Greek. She is very intelligent. She says she also understands French but does not speak it as well. They were great tour guides through the museum. They both knew a great deal about the art we were seeing and it helped to have them with us. I could read some of the placards below the paintings but Kate was there to give me background of the artist or to translate a word for me. Tom and Valera did more talking than viewing... they enjoy each other's company!

I tried to post more pictures from the museum but our connection was very slow tonight. I did get the Vatican Museum photos on the photo blog before the connection started to act up! Perhaps tomorrow I can finish the Krasnodar museum tour!

Domo left today. We are all sad. It feels a little empty around here. We know that he was not cut out for apartment life. He was having a hard time with all the people walking by. He kept barking at everyone... trying to keep them in line. When people were still he was ok. But, when they did not walk in a line he barked at them. He will be happy out at the rehab center... no, he is not an alcoholic, he will finally get the chance to do what he was bred for. The goat and sheep will love him! They will know exactly where they are supposed to go. And that will make Domo very happy.

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