Saturday, July 23, 2005

Krasnodar at Night

Last night we had dinner with Lena and Alexei P. It was fun spending time with them again. Alexei's daughter, Anastasia, is our new housekeeper. Ella was having problems with her health and had to leave us. It was sad. Anastasia is 15; she is a hard worker and is saving up for college with the money we are paying her. She gives her pay directly to Lena to hold for her. She does not want to be tempted to spend it! At about ten o'clock last night Spencer was eager to get home and walk his dog before going to bed. I had just finished my turn and it was now Tom who was playing a computer game of Anastasia's. We left him and Nathan there and took a bus home on our own. We decided to photograph our city at night. I let Spencer try out my camera for a few shots. We hope you enjoy the view of Krasnodar at night!

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