Saturday, July 30, 2005

Moving day!

No, we are not moving today!

Tomorrow... but Tom is packing up the computer so I have to talk about it quickly! Hopefully, we will have computer access at the BLTC. There are no Internet cafes in our neighborhood!

Nathan... took photos at Kids Camp perched on top of a jungle gym. He stayed clear of a water fight that way. Not to worry... Heather made sure he got wet afterwards! She is his designated big sister. I gave her full permission to harass him!

Tom is on his way to deliver Big Books at a meeting tonight. We are grateful to The Bridge at Capo Beach Calvary for the donations that came in to cover the cost of these much needed books.

It is vital for people to have resources in their own language. These books were hand delivered from Moscow earlier this week.

Slava Bogu! Glory to God!

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