Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Russian Remodeling

BlackPurl has chronicled many things that are different in Russia than in the States. Russian remodeling (remont) is also a learning experience. Spencer & I went with Tonya the translator & Ervand the foreman to the flat. When we arrived, the work crew was busy scrapping years & layers of wallpaper off the walls! Later Alexei the contractor showed up.
Tonya communicated the changes that were to be made to the flat & general prices were agreed upon. The overall process of Russian remodeling is this: "In two days we will have everything torn down & cleaned up. Then we will decide how to rebuild."
Am I glad that BlackPurl is in Rome!!

The foreman & contractor couldn't agree on how far to extend the bathroom & what angle to make the new bathroom wall. Their tools for discussion? Broken pieces of baseboard angled on the floor! Nothing is written down...rooms aren't measured & recorded...no floorplan has been drawn - except by me! & I've been told to go home, relax & leave it all up to them. That's not the easiest thing to do in any language...especially with a wife in Rome!
Hope you enjoy the photos of this stage of the Russian Remodeling.

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