Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Swarmed and pickpocketed

Be very careful on the Metro! One way to pick the pocket or purse of someone is to swarm them as they attempt to get off at a stop... so guess who was the lucky winner of this local custom!! Me... thank God, Erin had the baby and she got off safely, they swarmed me and did not let me get off and when I got off at the next stop my purse was open and my cash was gone. They got around 240 Euros. If Euros are still worth about a dollar and 24 cents then whoever these people were did okay for themselves! I was not hurt and I am not angry I just cannot believe it happened to me. The last time I was robbed I was in fourth grade and someone stole my purse at the bus stop. I remember they took my lunch money and my principal gave me 2 dollars. I do not think anyone here is going to pay me back. The Pope just left for vacation and I think the President is still in Scotland!

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