Friday, July 15, 2005

Traffic Jam for Lunch!

What happens when you combine lunch hour traffic, a city wide public transportation strike, a tour bus and a delivery truck? Today I was out to buy gifts for my guys and like most of Rome I had to walk. There is a strike going on today. The buses and the subway are shut down. When I got to the intersection just past the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore... there was a huge mass of cars that could not go anywhere. I walked through the intersection to the other side and saw the driver of a large tour bus just sitting there smoking a cigarette. It seemed an odd place to take a break. Then I noticed that just in front of him was a truck making a delivery to a store. The bus driver could not move so he decided to smoke. However, the people in the cars behind the huge bus could not see the smaller delivery truck so it appeared as if they were all being held hostage by the smoking bus driver! The intersection was full because here they do not keep the intersection clear for when the light changes... they just go when they think it is their turn! As soon as the delivery was completed the bus driver tossed the cigarette and moved on. It was a sight; but at least the bus driver was not stressed!

I found the gifts I wanted for everyone and finished taking pictures. It is hard to believe that I am going home in two days. I am looking forward to seeing my guys again. And I am sure they would like to eat something else besides frozen pizza!

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