Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yah Toatyah

Yah Toatyah! I am an Aunt. This is not new news I have been one since I was 15. Tom is called Dahdyah; uncle. I was speaking with one of the young mothers today after church. Her baby is just starting to walk and talk. In Russia it is a sign of respect that Tom and I are not called by our first names by some of the younger children. This young mom was teaching her toddler to call me Toatyah. Ten years from now, depending on how grey I am, it will most likely change to babushka!

Nathan got invited out after church with a group of kids who were visiting from Moscow. He went over to City Center our new mall and they had lunch and hung out! Spencer, Tom and I went to check the progress on the new flat. We found the tile guy at work and it seemed as if there was some progress since I had been there on Tuesday. There are new walls. There are windows and radiators. It feels as if we are having a place built. I hope our neighbors don't hate us for all the noise by the time we actually get to move in. Tom thinks we should have a dinner and invite everyone in the building to come over. I think I will do that. It will be a good way to meet the neighbors and to apologize for the weeks of banging and cussing our construction guys have been doing!

We left the apartment to get some lunch and purchase wall sconces for the korridor (hallway). And overhead lights for all the rooms. We went downtown on Krasnaya to eat and then caught a Marzhutka from there. I asked a taxi driver which Marzhutka went out to Krasnaya Ploshad and he showed me on my map which numbers. Then he fed me a line about the Marzhutkas not running on Sunday which was clearly a lie because we could see them passing by on the street! We thanked him and moved on. We caught the Marzhutka further up the street and were relieved to get out of the heat. Several young parents were on with their kids. One little boy was doing the bobble head sleepy time thing! He finally fell asleep on his mom and she gave her camera to her husband to take a picture. I asked her "skolka let" how old?. He was four. Then a young mom got on with a little toddler who was dressed up in her Sunday best... hat and everything. This child was tired and hot and let all of us know it. She started whaling at the top of her lungs. The babushka on board let the mom know of her disapproval. They are blunt here! I got Tom's notepad and started to fan the little girl and finally the babushka pulled a stack of cups out of one of her many bags and made another woman who was carrying a bottle of iced water give some up! The mom spurned the water and got off at the next stop. The cup of water was passed to Tom. He offered it to the ladies on board. Everyone giggled but no one accepted. He drank it up himself!

Our driver today was wild. He was skidding, braking hard and taking off before passengers could get the door shut. We got dropped off further away than normal but that's ok... we are alive to tell the tale!

Lights have been purchased, we are home now & we had a productive day. The toatyah and the dahdyah can rest!

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