Tuesday, August 23, 2005

another moving day!

"kazhdeh dyehn... mailenkee suupreez!" Everyday... there is a little surprise. Our contractor said this to me yesterday. He said "These little suupreezes were going to give him a heart attack". Today we have to leave the dorms as there is a contigent of students coming in from around the area for a week long seminar which starts tomorrow.

We also found out today it will be a four week process to get a new letter of invitation for our new visa. Our visas are up for renewal on September 10. We are supposed to leave the country on the 9th! I said today that it would be impossible for us to leave on the 9th. Valentin and Sveta are counting on us to be there as Valentin's parents. We are going to the official court house with them and everything. (church weddings are not recognized by the government) Her mother just had surgery and everything seems to be coming unglued for this young couple! We are praying for an extension. The wedding is the 10th.

School is going well. We have homework daily. We start grammar on Thursday. Tom says he could teach 'grammar' his lives in Newton, Kansas!

Our downstairs neighbor thinks the contractor robbed us of 5 centimeters off our ceiling! We had him put up sheet rock! She also thinks the apartment is too heavy and that it might crash in on her! We had the floors leveled so there is a new layer of cement! The neighbor across the hall thinks we are spies and is convinced we are putting in a security system. Really, I just want spot lights in all the rooms!!!! She has approved of the light violet color I chose to paint the apartment and she has asked for ALL the left over paint!

Until we get a phone line we can only be reached by cell or by email. Nathan and I try to get here everyday but it is not easy.

But, who said it would be easy?

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