Friday, August 12, 2005

A Break

Whew! This was a long week at school. Getting up early is not the Russia Sharp's forte... we like to sleep until around ten or so... and eat then start the day. We stay up late. But we are up at 7 or 7:30 showering, eating and leaving by 8:20 to catch the bus and be at school by 9AM! OI!

We are all learning to write and read Russian cursive. It is an adjustment since for three months our family has been reading and writing in block style print. But, we are managing.

Spencer and I went with Lena back to the new supermarket. They have International foods there. Things I recognize having lived in California where there is an international community! It was actually fun getting to explain things to Lena for a change! She saw the bedding typically used for hamsters or rabbits. It was shrink wrapped and packaged nicley... she looked at it very puzzled and said "Alida, Shto Eta?" what is that? I told her what it was for. And then she laughed at herself saying "Alida, yah govareet, Alida Shto eta?" I love her ability dto laugh at herself, to say I don't know when she doesn't know and to ask questions when she has them. I am so grateful we get to work together and that she and her husband are our dearest friends!

Today our cultural excursion will be to visit an Orthodox church. I have not have to dress up for church sinc Easter. But, today we will. We must dress modestly no earrings and the body must be covered appropriately. Similadr to the Catholic Churches that I visited in Rome. Very traditional.

Mama Tom is doing well she is recooping from surgery. She had her appendix out. And is up walking I hear. We will try to call Dad when the time is right for them. I do remember that we are twelve hours ahead!

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