Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dorm life pt 2

We are slowly getting used to being here. Tom and I have the first room as you enter the dorms. I have decided it is like being on the front row of seats on a train. The door opens all day long and it is not quiet until 11pm. However, it is still not quiet outside. The tram-vi is still running out there!

We had to order one of our medications that we needed from Moscow. It had to come from Italy. We were grateful to find it. I had originally spelled it wrong. then Tom tried and he came home with something for dysentery! Then I looked it up in another book and we finally got it right.

Tom is meeting today with a woman who is just finishing up her pyschology degree. She has to defend her thesis. He is meeting with her because she is also interested in helping with recovery.

We are looking into putting airconditioning in at the church. Temperatures have reached into the hundreds here and the church has no air conditioning. Not even a window unit. Our next distribution of funds should be in our account and we should be able to find a split system on sale. They are quieter than a window unit and more efficient.

Lena just got here for our language lesson so I must go!

J--if you read this I tried to answer your email and the computer froze! I will try again tomorrow!

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