Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dorm Life

Finally.... we are settled here in the dorms at the BLTC. The boys have a room and Tom and I have a room. I walked over here with Brownie so she did not have to come in a taxi and petrify a driver! But when we got here she did not want to go up the stairs. Have you ever tried to make a forty pound dog do something they do not want to do? I had to carry her up the stairs. We stumbled on the way up and I was pleading with her to just try but she was resigned to stay on the second floor. And we needed to get to the third. I finally got her up there and took her to the room that Spencer had prepared for her and when she saw her things there... blanket, food dish and Nathan got her some water she relaxed. I, however was wiped out!

Tom and I saw the new place today and were told it was two weeks away from completion... Tom called Alexei 'Pinnochio'! Alexei laughed pretty heartily at that! Whether it is two weeks away or not we will be here until it is done... hopefully.

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