Monday, August 08, 2005

Going to school

We got out the door and to the school on time! That was a major accomplishment for us! Maybe tomorrow we can even add breakfast to the routine. At least everyone can have a shower. There are just two families left. Four adults and four kids. When there were four families in the dorms it was not a done deal to think that we would each get a hot shower. 8 adults and 9 children can use up a lot of water and of course the hot goes first!

Today was the last day of Orientation at school and tomorrow we start in on two weeks of phonetics. It was good to get some cultural questions answered. And to get more familiar with our class. Everyone had some sort of difficulty over the weekend. From no water, or electricity to ATM machines eating bank cards or being locked out of access to funds it was a joyous weekend for us all. Oh and the temperature was over 110 degrees F.

I just found out about Peter Jennings death. How sad. His voice will be missed.

Tom's mom is still in the hospital... we are praying for her to be relieved of any discomfort and they try to discover the source of her pain.

Our remont is still ongoing and we are ordering the kitchen today. It should be done in a week we are told.

Dorm life and school work will go on!

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