Saturday, August 06, 2005

Internet cafe in Krasnodar

At last! I FOUND IT... if you want to know where something is you have to ask the guy who leaves next door to the language school! Jody seems to know where everything new is here! Maybe because it is so easy to stop by his house and ask him questions or tell him about the lastest thing! Anyhow, I knew if I started my search at Jody and Melanie's house I would get to an internet source today and I was here within an hour!

We are still at the dorms. We hope to be in our new flat by next week. We were told 5 days just yesterday. But, I was informed that the babushka kept her old phone number and we have to get a new one. So it may be a while before we have a phone.

We had our first language class. We met the other new students at the school. There were about 11 of us I think. One lady is from Beaumont, California... she most likely went to school with Erin's mother. They are the same age! Two other students in the class a woman from Alaska and a guy from Texas found out they are distant cousins. He said there was "a lot of intermarriage in the Assemblies of God Church!" He also knew the parents of a young woman who was one of my tellers at Bank of America in Newport Beach. The church they worked at years ago in Moscow is still active...

Spencer and I were walking to the school to take our learning style assessments when I was appraoched by a man who wanted to know what company I am with. I was taken aback by his question so I repeated it. He asked me again following up with "aren't you a missionary?"
I thought 'is this a weird trick?' "No, I am a language student"I replied. He thought that all Americans that speak english as well as I do are missionaries. So, I repeated that I was here to learn Russian and that I needed to get to class.

Our school is not a religious organization. However, many church groups do send people there. It is registered as a social organization. We will each have to choose a social project to participate in two times per month.

I plan to teach English and music in the elementary school. Tom might work in the children's home or the hospital; he is going to wait until we visit to decide. More fun days lay ahead as we begin our first week of full time learning and study next week!

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