Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday morning blahs!

Some days are easier than others to get out of bed and get to school.... today was not an easy day!

There is one thing that makes going to school early on Monday exciting!

Sending text messages to people who forget to set their cellphones to silent!

I sent one to Judy (from Alaska) She thanked me later for helping her learn how to change the volume on her phone! Tom tried to get me by sending me two consecutive messages admonishing me to get to class... but I kept my phone on silent all day even during the break. Maybe another day I will get caught but not today!

Spencer and I tried to go to a futbol game tonight it would have been our first professional game outdoors. But, the opposing team was a no show. Kuban won by default 3-0. Our taxi driver told us we were supposed to cheer for Kuban. We purchased all the required paraphanalia to look like true Kuban fans.... the tickets we purchased can be used for Thursday & we will try again!

Oh, we heard we may be able to move in to our new flat on Monday.... but I have heard that before!

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