Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Our new son

Tom has decided to "adopt" one of his students that graduated last year!

Valentin has been a good friend to Nathan. He has walked him home and called to check on him.

He and his fiance' are getting married in September and due to the major distance his parents would have to travel ( about the distance California is from New York) we will be standing in as his parents for the wedding. It is possible for him to be our son... he is only 22 and we have been married for 23 and a half years!

I have been shopping for wedding decorations and having a blast... Tom has been helping Valentin with a few other things and we have planned our visa trip around the wedding. We will not spend a week in Budapest when we are needed here. We will go to Ukraine and come right back! We will just get our passports stamped and come home!

It is so great to be parents of the groom!!!!! He is great young man and she is a wonderful young lady.... oh, sorry, her name is Svetlana. She is now a professional seamtress; for her final exam she made her wedding dress!

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