Tuesday, August 09, 2005

School days....

Today was our first real day of school. Tonya our teacher (me and Nathan) said that our first phonetics lesson was to learn the difference between her name and Tania's. Tonya is like the O sound in Boat and Tania rhymes with Sonia. Like, don't get any 'on yah!' Tania is the Director of the school and Tonya is one of the teachers. Tonya said that Tania will forgive you 3 times for saying her name wrong after that.... you may be asked to leave the school! Remember, this is RUSSIA!

Most of us from the US are used to writing in print. However, here in Russia they learn as very young children to write in cursive. Tonya said that some people cannot even read printed writing very well. So along with learning the name of the letter, the sound it makes, and how to correctly pronounce it we are learning to write it in cursive.

Tom's mom is doing better. Thanks for all the prayers.

We are now the only family left in the dorms; everyone else has their apartment ready so they are gone now! We got up and had breakfast and hot showers!

We each have to do a culture report... so Spencer and I were just going to pull photos off of our blogs to write about. Today on the way to school I got two shots of a woman out walking her goats.... they were following her like puppies! I guess it won't be hard to get this homework done!

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