Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seven Churches!

Seven churches in the city came together today for one large service! It was great... the music and the fellowship what more could you ask for? The churches also decided to adopt a children's home for the day and took an offering for its benefit. The offering came to over 22,000 rubles (over 700.00) !

We are still in the dorms... I cooked from a Russian recipe last night. I will post it another day. Larissa, my neighbor helped me with a few of the instructions I had not yet translated. She had copied the recipe from my book! It was good to sit and talk with her and her family. We rode the bus to church with them this morning. She asked me what was hard about learning Russian. I said pronunciation. I asked her what was hard about English she said words like is, at, the, an...
They are not used in Russian and it is hard to remember them!

Please pray for Tom's mom... we just found out she had not been feeling well. She is doing much better now but we hope that we hear a another good report soon!

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