Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sorry for the typos!

You will have to forgive any typos during my time here at the internet cafe! I pay by the hour and I have to check my email, Tom's and post here! So when the little note pops us that says I have one minute left I push publish and how ever something is spelled that is how it stays! I can fix it later... but whatever happens happens!

The other night at Melanie and Jody's I was staring at the fridge and wondering why I could not read the letters... it's because they were in English! All of us are so in tune with Russian right now we are making a lot of English mistakes! We write the wrong letters or says things in the wrong order... it's funny.

We finally figured out how to make a long distance call that will last for more than just 3 minutes on our cell phones... I loaded up my phone with about 1000 rubles. (-/+ 40.00) And then used a 500 ruble calling card. With the cost of the card and the cost of the minutes on the phone the call was about 26 cents per minute! Not bad... Tom says we are using it for emergency purposes only though not just to chat... But calling Mom was a must. And it was so great to hear her voice and know that she was up and moving around. The boys are both very connected to her and Dad since we lived we them for 5 weeks before coming here. Nathan said if anything ever happened to them there would not be much of a reason to go back to the States!

Yesterday Spencer and I went to the Orthodox Church for a visit. We went to an old one and to a newly built one. You will enjoy the photos I promise! I was told not to take pictures by a few different people. However, before leaving home Tom said "Don't take any pictures, just like in the Sistine Chapel". Well, I got that coded message loud and clear...

Lena was shocked when we came out of the first church and I showed her that I had taken four photos in there without anyone knowing. We had our heads and shoulders covered, and long skirts on. Spencer had to wear a dress shirt and no hat! At the second church I was much bolder with the camera. I took a dozen or more shots. We even got some Holy water in my water bottle just like I did at St Peter's in Rome! In fact I thought both churches could have been Roman basilicas. The art style was similar...

I made dinner with Lena and Alexei's daughter Nastia. We made bulochki. Alexei says it was not a traditional Russian dish... it is more like a Russian Big Mac! You use rolls of bread and cut them in half... then take out the bread inside and stuff it with meat, dill, mayonaise etc... and crack an egg on top. Bake for about 20 minutes until the egg is done. My recipe is in Russian so the oven temp is 200 C.

I have been buying Russian cookbooks and translating the recipes. I have a food vocabulary now and that helps at the market! Alexei loves to cook so he looked through my books and found a recipe he liked so Lena copied it! Yeah.... Lena copied it not him! Husbands..... well at least he made a great eggplant salad that we all loved!

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