Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Taxi drivers!

Last night a group of us from the school went to shop at the newest supermarket in town. How exciting... huh? Well, for us it was. We found all sorts of treasures we had not seen since leaving the States. Honey nut cheerios, small packages of Skittles, Microwave popcorn... you know non- essentials that make life fun! I have some great photos to post once we get settled in our new place!

After shopping our little hearts out in this great place we had to take a taxi home. Well, make that two taxis. One was not large enough to hold our haul and us! I negotiated with the first driver to pay one hundred fifty rubles. When the second driver got there he wanted two hundred and was not budging. I said I would just take my stuff and call another taxi. Melanie told them either we pay 150 for both or no one goes with them... so they took the one hundred fifty! They thought the American women were going to roll over. Excuse me; we know better.

We also knew what was being said when we were being talked about! They didn't realize that soon enough or they would not have tried to strong arm us!

So, if you need some muscle when you are traveling abroad... just get a few well traveled women together and see what they make happen!

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