Sunday, August 28, 2005

translating and retranslating

On our bus ride to church today Alexei was speaking to me in English and Lena was translating his words into Russian for me!

Tom was speaking to Alexei in half Russian and half English and I helped Alexei translate it into Russian for Lena. Sometimes Nathan will translate for us. It just depends on who knows that category of words....

I actually understood the worship music today and most of the sermon. It was on a familiar passage. And I was able to keep up. It is good to see progress after 5 months of study and immersion in the language.

Our apartment has everything now but a kitchen...

We are all sleeping in seperate rooms and are grateful.

School is going well... we are all working HARD!!!!

Tom has worked these past two weeks to keep up with school and get us into our apartment at the same time.

Spencer has Brownie to take care of and school to keep up with.

Nathan had a friend at KBC (our church) tell him to day she could only hear in Russian. So he spoke only Russian to her today.

I am still reading the dictionary before I go to bed and am dreaming about the day when we can bring our Russian friends to America and I can translate for them!

Oh, and for all you Napoleon dynamite fans: "Dai menyeh tebyah kartoshka" (Give me your tots) Alexei and I translated my keychain!

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