Thursday, September 22, 2005

Black Sea

What a brilliant sight. It is hard to describe the "radost" (joy) that we feel when we are at the beach! Spencer thanked me for taking care of his soul. He said he "needed" to be near the water again. I know the feeling. He said he thought that this is what heaven will be like. I know that some of you might be desert people or mountain people... but we are beach people and I agree that my ideal heaven will have the sound of waves crashing onto the shore!

Is this a path or not a path.... Today we found the beach in a roundabout way. Since when have the Russian Sharp's ever done anything the easy way? We followed the main streets and the smell of the water for a while then took out a map to get our bearings. We found the sanitorium to walk through but could not find the break in the fence that the map showed. Thanks to a cat and Spencer's looking out we found the way. We had to climb down some hills on some well worn foot paths. It was not too steep; however, the guys were all concerned about me making it down and back up again. I did it. Breathing hard at the top on our way home but, I did it!

We got word that our Letter of Invitation is still not ready. They are hoping to get it next week. So we are still here UNTIL..... At least they speak Russian and the sights are spectacular.

Now if I don't get going Leta is not going to be happy.... she is already upset that Nathan does not eat enough! Dosvidonyah!!!

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