Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oy, Mamochka!

Tonight a group of us women from school went over to Ann's house. Let's just say that one of the things we had in common is that we are past the big 40! When we got off the elevator there was a darling little boy standing there with his mom. He saw four grown ups get out of the tiny "lift" and his EYES got huge and he exclaimed "Oy, mamochka!" It was pretty cute. His mom just smiled and they got on the elevator and took off.

Today Judy H. and I finally had the chance to go shopping at the warehouses I had talked about. I took her to buy office supplies and yarn. It was all very good prices. She probably got 50$ worth of yarn for only 200 rubles. Which is around 7$ depending on the exchange rate. I love this place. She asked me why I didn't buy anything & I had to tell her that I had enough yarn at home to start my own store! Shopping wholesale is sooooo tempting!

We started in on verbs in our class. Nathan and I can speak using present tense actions now! Some of them we had heard as we go along in our day to day lives... such as when someone stands up on the bus to offer me the seat and says
"siditeh" (formal you, imperfective aspect, present tense)
or we hear a mom tell her child to
"sideesh" (informal you, imperfective aspect, present tense)
I know they have conjugated the verb "to sit" which is sideet. It is interesting. We are grateful that it follows a pattern and should not be too hard to memorize by Monday. Now just so you don't go around thinking we don't have this in English. Russian has only three tenses... past, present, future. Supposedly,Enlgish has twelve!

Be sure to take a peek at the kitchen photos!!!!

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