Thursday, September 01, 2005

Septemer First

Today is a big celebration. It is the first day of school. Here, for grades 1-11 it is a major day! The school we visited had the mayor of Krasnodar in attendance. And some of our students were delayed getting back to school by a motorcade that held some of the officials going to the opening of the school that Putin was participating in!

I am eager to post my photos of this event. One little girls mom spent time designing her daughters hairdo... it was very long and had several different colored ribbons braided into it. We saw at least 5 different Television cameras, radio reporters and print reporters there. Having watched my oldest brother do reporting over the phone or into a reocorder I am familiar with this reporting technique! I spotted a young woman dictating her story into a microphone in a corner and I used my camera to zoom in on her bag. She was from a Radio Station for the Deaf. Her bag had Russian sign language on it. Nathan studied American sign Language so he was facsinated with this photo.

The processional of the kids was exciting. The older kids came out first and then the little ones. There were dancers in bright costumes and speeches made by politicians.... sounds a little like in the states during an election year! oooops did I mention that the city elections are coming up soon! The ceremony ended with fireworks followed by the tallest boy of the 11th grade putting the smallest girl of the first grade on his shoulders and parading her around the courtyard as she rings a bell high above her shoulders.... signaling the beginning of the school year!

Then picture time begins and kisses are given and children march off to class! Teachers are decked out in their finest clothing and they looked grand!!!!!

Parents were in tears!

Children were grinning from ear to ear!

We stood back amazed at it all!

Ok... I am still having to come to an internet cafe; the ddd key is sticking so I have to go back and take out the random d's when they show up. And I just broke up a fight. These boys were most likely about 10 or 11 and they were smacking this one boy on the back of the head because he did not have money to play. I yelled "ostaroshnah" at them which means stop. So they left my area and took it over near Tom. He just told them the boy was his friend so they are leaving the kid alone now!

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