Saturday, September 10, 2005


Svadba... That is what a wedding is called. Marriage is vrach. Today we witnessed the wedding and the beginning of a marriage! Sveta and Valentin included us in every part of the day. I started the day off at 9am decorating the cars and finally got to leave after the bride tossed the bouquet. We got home around 9pm.

The bridal car is the fancy one; the lead car acts sort of like the lead car for a funeral procession. We stop the traffic and alert everyone that a wedding party is coming through. It was an adventure being in the lead car. The camera crew always took the lead! Sveta (another one) and I were together all day. She videotaped and I took photos. I have over 1100 photos of the event. Tomorrow I will start weeding through to edit them for printing. Tom and I will put together an album for them as a gift.

We went to Zachs. The official office to get married in. Tom stood in for Valentin as his Dad. Sveta's mom is still in the hospital so she was not present but there is enough documentation of the event to make her happy; I am CERTAIN!!!!

We went to various parks around the city to take photos. I took all the posed shots they asked of me. Everyone gave me instructions in Russian only the videographer spoke English. I was able to comprehend most everything they asked me to do. At the church there were a few English speakers so we had a translator during the banquet. But did I sit down... well, just long enough to eat. My name was called everytime they wanted another shot and off I went. Tom got to eat but then he could not sit back and enjoy the show instead he became a part of it. The emcee for the banquet was Alexei so of course he dragged Tom up to speak. Well, after the Best Man heard Tom's sense of humor we all kept hearing "Toam, Toam!" He was in every game or extra skit they had for the audience to partake in.

It was truly a great day. I have never seen Sveta so happy nor so beautiful. I saw other gals with dresses that looked like they must have paid a fortune for them. Sveta is a professional seamstress and hers far outshined anything else I saw today!

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